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Nanjing Zhongjiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd., also known as CHC, is located in Nanjing, China. It has independent intellectual property rights in China, which integrates research, development and production of alumina and aluminium nitrite DBC(Direct Bonding Copper) ceramic substrates. The products are manufactured by high-temperature bonding between copper and ceramic substrates. Our production line can produce various types of high-tech product integration substrate.

Jianguang Zhao, the chairman of the company, has a strategic vision to invest funds into this high-tech industry, leading the team to build international, high-end, brand-oriented enterprise. The company has high-end R&D technical and management team, with advanced intelligent automatic production line. DBC ceramic substrates have been tested by authorities and the product parameters have reached or exceeded the industry standards. The product has the characteristics of new material, new technology, new technology and new application, and is widely used in high-end equipment in new energy, power electronics, aerospace and other fields.